Egg Tacos for Breakfast – a Photo Post

This got started as a riff on the typical Farmer’s breakfast: bacon, eggs, and toast.

I gave it a successful twist by putting the toast on the bottom, then a piece of cheese, then a fried egg on top.

But this morning, I opened the fridge to find that we had no bread. (We keep the bread in the fridge to make it last much longer.) But there were tortillas.

Here’s how it came together:

I toasted the tortillas in a hot pan with just a few drops of oil per side. And I mean HOT!

 This is full blast on the smaller burner.
The tortillas will puff up and get some color.

Then it’s onto the plate and add some cheese. I had both cheddar and quesadilla cheese, so that’s what I used.

Let’s fry some eggs. A pinch of salt and pepper, then the action starts once we flip them over.

The cheese-topped tortillas go into the microwave for 20 seconds – no more! Otherwise, the cheese will break and separate.
Then each tortilla gets an egg.

And we’re done! The hot egg melts the cheese.

Fold them in half to eat and enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Also give it a try with toast underneath; then it’s a knife-and-fork breakfast.


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