Dara earns her keep

Last night, I was sitting outside on the deck and reading; Dara had wandered over around the side of the house, doing her usual nightly investigations.

I can tell you that nothing interrupts your devotions like the sudden eruption of thumping, crashing, and general commotion from around the side of the house in the general direction of Dara’s last known position, ending with a loud death-shriek of something. Whatever it was, it sounded large.

Expecting to find her with a big bunny in her mouth, I got up to see what was going on. Dara proudly came out from behind the bushes with a very large RAT in her mouth. Its body was about a foot long, the tail at least the same length, and it was still going through death convulsions. She clearly did not want to drop it, but wanted instead to go off to enjoy her tasty prize.

But she was a good girl and gave it up for me. I promptly picked it up, judging its weight to be around two pounds, and put it out in front of the house, in the middle of the driveway; the raptors could easily spot it there and thereby profit from Dara’s hunting expertise.

Dara got a very good treat for this.

In living in this house for 26 years, I’ve not seen a rat this big. And yes, the rat was gone this morning. Likely we have an owl or an eagle somewhere that won’t need to eat for a couple weeks.


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