Assemble-editing into Fall

Back in the days of videotape editing, there was a mode called ‘assemble’. 

Assemble was the most dangerous mode, because it took a stable signal from the tape and made a radical change to it. The idea was to ‘assemble’ a contiguous signal onto the end of the known good tracks on the tape. You get ONE chance at it: this mode wipes out everything, from the edit point forward, with NO CHANCE of recovery. Hard to imagine, in these times of digital work. (This is tremendously oversimplified, but you get the idea.)

Let’s just say at this point that it’s a radical departure from the original timeline of the videotape. 

So how does this relate to us now? 

Up until today, we’ve been having hot and dry weather, highs in the 80s; and today we have rain and highs in the 50s. 

So there is our assemble-edit. 

Tonight, I had to have the umbrella up, (much to Dara’s worry) and it was an enjoyable thing. 

The Ridge was obscured by low clouds, and the umbrella was filled with two to three dozen bees, but after they were shaken out, it was a pleasant time to enjoy the rain. 

Here, you can see how the clouds have lowered and formed a cover over the Ridge. 

It is a wonderful thing have the incessant dust finally knocked down and clean air to breathe.

In an assemble-edit.


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