Fall arrives with a bang – literally

Tonight, it was a spectacular evening: the breeze was up – about 15 knots – and everything felt alive. The trees were rustling in applause to God, leaves were flying about, and above the Ridge, thunderclouds had gathered.

Thunder was grumbling, rumbling, reflecting and refracting off the Ridge.

It all was too much noise and motion for Dara. Her nerves were obvious; she finally settled for a while next to me.

But soon, not even constant petting and touching would calm her; her nerves overcame her, and she ended up going to our small deck, outside the back door; where she was watching everything warily.

Eventually, she came back down next to me, prompted by the promise of a peanut for a treat.

A few minutes later, she was brave enough to go up beyond the garden, where she heard  something in the woods beyond.

I know there’s been a bear prowling about, and my ‘pioneer apple’ tree is heavy with apples. It attracts all kinds of wildlife; most often the brainless deer, who thump and crash through the brush with perhaps a little less noise than a D8 CAT.

Dara is a quiet dog, seldom barking. Often if something catches her interest, she’ll give a low, quiet ‘woof’. But this time, she was really sounding off, with an ‘Arooo-oooo-roooo-rowf-rowf’ for several minutes. I maintained a watchful eye for a bit, and began to get nervous at what it was that was facing off with her and, more worryingly,  wouldn’t run or move away; I called her inside with me to where it was safe.

As I write this, we’re inside; and she’s lying comfortable, quiet, and confident in our mutual safety, at my feet.

She’s a good girl; a gift from God.

And that’s what I wish for you this evening: that you might go outside and see the simple but real things God has placed in your life.


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