Do we have a ‘howler’ of a Winter coming?

Note: I answer this question at the bottom of this post.

Maybe after all these years, I’ve developed that ‘intuitive’ sense of a coming season. Maybe.

Is it experience, or is it in the course of time some ability to shut out external noise and to finally listen to God’s gentle nudge?

I tend to be a scientific person, and so I tend to look about me for harder evidence. And it’s interesting that as I go through life, more and more science points to God. Yet such things are softened by the legends I remember as a child, from the teachings of my grandparents and others.

We had a REALLY mild Summer, and that always seems to indicate a hard Winter.

But tonight, a Woolly-Bear caterpillar crawled past, and its mid-stripe was the widest that I’ve seen in years. This little guy’s almost all orange-stripe.

It’s an old legend around these parts, that ‘the wider the stripe on the wooly-bear, the harder the Winter’.

I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

We had one of our worst winters I’ve seen here in many, many years. It was long, cold, and snowy from the first week of December all the way through into February. So yes, this little guy was right.


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