Super-easy, 5-Minute, Make-ahead Oatmeal

This came about because (of all things), a Quaker Oats ad on my Kindle. We’ve since taken to calling it “the oatmeal thing”. It’s so easy that I can put it together before my first cup of coffee. I sometimes think to do it the night before, but there’s time enough before my wife gets up in the morning (she’s retired) that I can do it before I head to work and it has enough time to sit before she has it.

This literally ticks all the boxes: it’s inexpensive, nutritious, easy-to-make, and it tastes good!

She tells me that this is her new-favorite thing for breakfast, so much better than cold cereal. It also passes muster with her nutritionist/dietitian. With those rave reviews, how can I not share…

You’ll need:

  • Bowl with a snug lid – I use a glass food-keeper bowl; it’s a little ‘prettier’ for her.
  • Regular Oatmeal – not quick-cooking
  • Plain Yogurt – she likes the Greek-style stuff
  • Milk of your choice – we’ve lately been liking this vanilla almond milk
  • Frozen fruit: berries, cherries, any mix you like – I’ve been finding a good buy on a big bag of frozen fruit at Safeway lately; a $10 bag lasts for weeks
  • Optional: Maple syrup

Assembly (don’t blink, this goes quickly):

Start with a rounded half cup of regular Oats. I put the cup in the bowl to make sure I don’t spill all over the counter:


Then add a half cup of Greek yogurt:


I spread it out as I go, and now add a half cup of milk into the bottom. It’s at this point that you can add a tablespoon of maple syrup on if you wish:


Frozen fruit for the top:

That’s it! Cover and refrigerate for at least three hours, but it’s best if overnight.

Alternate assembly method:

I use this method for those mornings like the morning of our church’s Men’s Breakfast and Bible study – I have to get up almost two hours earlier, and so I’m a little fuzzy when putting this together.

Same thing with the half cup of oats. Use enough yogurt to cover them, then enough milk in the bottom to flood them. Then add the fruit to the top and cover.

This is one of those things where ‘easy’ and ‘good for you’ actually coincide with ‘good’. Thank you Lord, for simple and good things.

Hope you enjoy it and give it a try.


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