Our Pastor was talking about a book called, “ReWilding“. Maybe I’ve been practicing this for years, in urging you to go outside and just marvel at what’s around – get wet, get cold, get wet and cold; get hot, but get outside and just get peaceful.

Moving fully into Fall, this is that time of year when it can be exhilarating and soaking, often within a few minutes of each other, when being outside. And there are many marvels, outside.

And the cloud patterns get really interesting. Here are a few from the last few weeks, culminating in a series of snapshots last night at sunset, which show how fast things can change on the side of the mountain.

The Indian sneeze:

Rainstorm Coming:


It’s time to marvel at being able to watch God at work: The River of Clouds is being formed, and it happens in a different way, every time. I just happened to be in the right place, at the right time. These snapshots are no more than five minutes apart. This then becomes one of those “Watch the hand of God at work” moments.

Clouds begin to shear off the tops of the hills, rolling in groups down the far side of the ravine. First a few…

Then more…

Then they’ve piled into the ravine, forming The River of Clouds…

And the sun quietly sets on the River, as clouds sweep across the far side of the Ravine as if gently guided by an outstretched hand.

Lord God, I marvel at your work. Thank you that I get to see and to share these things. May your Name be glorified.  amen.


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