She DROVE herself yesterday!

Okay, so maybe this doesn’t seem like much of ‘a really big deal’ on the surface, but it has been 19 months, nineteen months, since my wife has driven her car.

Nineteen months since the pain from her accident rendered her unable to drive.

She said a few days ago, “I’m going to drive myself.” And she made it happen. Her knees have been bothering her rather badly because of her increasing activity (remember that she had fallen on the one knee three times), but she made it happen.

You can bet that I spent some time thanking God last night.

I’m just so proud of her. As she has been fighting her way back from these setbacks, I’ve been telling her that she’s my Svenska-Viking (we had been watching Supergirl).

Here’s the big reveal, and a hidden lead in this story: So I’ve had this image in my mind for all this time, and yesterday I created it just to celebrate her milestone accomplishment.

She was absolutely tickled with it. I made her a printout (which she says she’s going to hang above her desk), and I made it the background on her phone; and I now present it to you.



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