First Big Storm of the Season

For the last couple days, we are reminded of the harsher side of this wonderful place in which we live. 

It began quietly enough, with a snowfall that whispered in on quiet Herder-dog-feet:

But today, the weather turned mean, sort of like that tomcat you thought you were rescuing, but who turned out to be ornery and independent, and who wanted to just be let go…

The temperatures plunged into the mid 20s, and the winds are roaring into the mid-to-upper-20-knot-range, with gusts above 40 knots. 

It’s loud outside. 


Really loud.

It’s like living with the ocean just outside your bedroom windows. 

And it’s snowing hard, with drifting powder. The snow isn’t soft, like that ideal snow in ski areas or on mountaintops; it’s hard and severe, clattering against the windows like a jilted lover’s fingernails.

I grabbed a shot out the window, during a moment when the clouds lifted a bit:

This is one of those few times when the weather is so bad that it drives me inside. I was watching the wind blasting away at the trees and was impressed how they adapt to the conditions. It takes something over 40 knots to do this:

I think of my wife’s chuckle at ‘convertible hair’ and I think of the forces in play here. 

We are in a region which often gets a bout of freezing rain. And freezing rain is coming tonight.

It challenges all trees and bushes to withstand it; and after it falls, it is beyond treacherous for driving. I’ve tried in years past, and it is so NOT fun. Right now, I do not choose to recall those incidents.

So, I am thankful for the fortune to have a boss who understands this beautiful / challenging place in which I live, and who understands my occasional need to work from home.

And I am truly in genuine awe of the power of God.

And as I write this from the comfort of our quiet dining room (instead of the beautiful but intensely cold panorama of our sunroom), I thank him from the depths of my heart for our snug, warm house; and may he keep it so.

May this find you and yours safe and warm; secure in God’s embrace.


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