A Late Christmas Present

Where we live, we can often count on just a few days in a row in December when the weather is sunny, cold, and DRY. Today was the second of those days. 

The sun is so low in the sky, that the Ridge is only highlighted for mere seconds. 

I managed to grab this shot, right at alpenglow time, and it literally lasted moments. 

But the winter brings other challenges: the deck lighting I’d installed a half dozen years ago, just … QUIT. We went from this nice, friendly, scene…

… To one of cold, bleak darkness. It’s depressing, just to look out there and to see… nothing.

I suspect the power to the lighting outlet, something not beyond my talents; but it needs a couple dry days in a row for a safe repair. That outlet is in a spot that takes a lot of weather, and I suspect that in fixing it, I’ll also fix the non-functional porch light…

You open up something like this, and you never know what you’ll find. May God bless my testers, tools, and the work of my hands; tomorrow. They’re not as swift or as strong as they once were, but the mind behind them is as sharp as ever. May I have the eyes to see, ears to hear, mind to understand, and the hands to do.

And Lord, may we have another dry day tomorrow for the work to get done.


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