Waiting for the Stars to Come Out – Some Introspection for the New Year

It’s been a day of snow, sun, snow, thunderstorms with hail; and finally a quiet sunset. We have about four inches or more of snow with granular hail on top of it, as I write. This is probably the latest after sunset that I can make the cellphone imager work. Even so, it took a little doctoring to make it look something close to right:

This New Year brings with it a sense of things done, things to do, and a spark of optimism.

Cause for celebration:

Yesterday – just yesterday, my wife was able to get back into her spa. This is A Really Big Deal, because she did it without fear, with her ‘Swedish iron’ overcoming the mental obstacles, which in turn, overcame the physicial obstacles. And she enjoyed being back in her spa again. This is a step forward, a big step forward.

And here is something I haven’t seen in a while – the sunroom’s Westward windows, fogged by the spa being open:

I just have to take a moment to hold my hand over my heart and to thank God… To see this happening, is just like throwing a window open in my soul.

And even though there are upcoming challenges, each comes with its little spark of a positive:

The landscape lights are still out of commission, but the gentle wash of warm light from the living room onto the snowy deck is a reminder to me that I am loved, no matter what.

There are many, many molehills to be dealt with, come spring. And my left shoulder’s bursitis has been troubling me for a month or more. I will mount the back blade on the tractor and drag the front and back meadows, making them smoother and my mowing tasks easier again this year. But for now, the snow covers all of this, reminding me not to worry about it for now.

There are other, bigger tasks (septic system and so on), which could worry me; but instead I choose to put my hand in God’s, and trust him to sort it all out, in time.


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