Maybe we’re finally, finally, getting a break in the weather…

Ten days ago, I’d posted that it looked like the weather was finally moderating.

I was wrong.

Meanwhile, we’ve had yet another ice storm move through, with us locked-in for another few days. It’s been so cold and the humidity so low for so long that the doors on the South side of the house don’t latch correctly. The weather has taken them about 1/4″ out of square.

Well today, it actually seems to be breaking. Yesterday evening, the temperature was actually above freezing for the first time in, I think, three weeks. It’s been crawling its way upward for the last couple days, and yesterday it finally broke past freezing. The upper deck was the first thing to show it. That patch on the middle of the top step is one of the few spots it’s safe to stand upon:

There’s a certain relief in seeing all of this ice and snow get melted: an end to watching where I step with such extreme care, no more making sure that there’s little exposed skin when stepping outside.

But I’ll also miss the excuse for being quietly sequestered at home with my wonderful wife, the distance from the hustle-bustle of the modern world, and the quietness of mind granting me an ease with which I can settle into a good book.

It’s also been an exceptionally good time to practice the presence of God daily. To quietly pray, and to listen.


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