“Your position has been eliminated.”

With that flat statement from our HR person, I’m out of a job.

I could choose to look at this from the negative side, but embracing that kind of mindset gets me nowhere. Instead, I know from being in this same spot 17 years ago that God has something else in mind.

But, just like before, it can be a hard fight sometimes to stay positive. I look at the year and a half I had until I could retire and get Medicare; but there is an opportunity here to continue to serve and do good work.

Meanwhile, I look around me and realize that I’m surrounded by love. I have a unique and in-demand skill-set. And thanks to the work of my former boss, I was moved to a classification whereby my severance is a year’s worth, instead of just a few months. I also have passed my hiring anniversary, so the cash-out from my accrued vacation is for the entire year’s worth.

I was sitting with our pastor and praying about things, and he used the line from Psalm 46:10:

“Be still, and know that I am God…”

So okay, Lord. Here I am. Send me.


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