A good way to use stale croissants

So me, being “Mister Markdown”, found some nice croissants in the day-old rack at the store. We had some for brunch, but there were several still left over. And you know how they get after a few days…

I thought there had to be some way to make use of them, because they’d gone flat and chewy. To rejuvenate them, you need to heat them up somehow; but oh boy, not in the micro. Been there.

If you can toast them somehow, they get crispy again. Using the toaster’s dangerous because of all the butter in them. The oven’s a giant waste of power. But… hey, what about a frying pan… Aha, I had a “brainwave”. Another chance to experiment a bit for breakfast!

It turned out just great. Here we go:

First, split the croissants with a bread knife and toast them on the split side in a dry frying pan. You don’t need butter, they have plenty already:


Here’s how they look when done.


And a while ago, I’d scored some markdown sausages, so I pulled them from the freezer and cooked them all at once to make sure they’d keep, once they were defrosted. Good, lean sausages, too; had to add a drizzle of olive oil across the tops to help them cook:

Then I scrambled some eggs with my brilliant, internationally famous, copyrighted scrambled egg recipe (click here), and spooned those into the space made by the toasted croissants; then in an attempt at making it look pretty, I placed some sausages atop the toasted croissants. And here’s the result:

My wife called them “cute”, so I thought I’d make a post about this. Hope you liked it.



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