Gathering and Worship

These last few Sundays, as I have eased back into being on Church Council, I have noticed the spirit in which we gather. 

As I was outside tonight (in near hundred-degree heat) doing devotions, it slowly became clear: God calls us to gather, and then to worship. 

First, we are called to gather. There is a deep Spirit which goes back through the ages, which calls us together. 

We come from near and far, to learn little things about each other, and to be updated: How is your wife doing? Good to see you back-how was your trip? Hey, I saw a dump truck by your old house… 
We share each other’s joys and burdens, small and large sorrows, small and large triumphs. 

And then we bring these stories before God.

Each carrying a part of the burdens and joys of our friends, we lay them all before the One. 

We sing, we confess, we hold each other up. We pray for our leaders, our world, and for each other. 

And we all ask as part of the Body of Christ, “Hear our prayer.”

We leave our differences at the outer doors, and inside we are all of one heart, and of one Body. 

And after Coffee Hour, once we leave the Social Hall, we’re free to argue politics all the way to the parking lot. 


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