A Last Morning of Quiet

Following the advice of a friend whom I lost to Cancer about a dozen years ago, I came out to enjoy the quiet of the morning.

I had just ‘been around to be a friend’, and had been talking with him about the need to get outdoors and participate in Creation, by watching the sun set.

He agreed, and then took the lesson for both of us a bit further: “Do get out and watch the sun rise! Light, Glory, and Hope return to the world in a sunrise! It is a reminder that things are never totally lost.”

I missed the sunrise this morning, but the sun hadn’t risen but a little from behind the mountain. My chair was dripping with dew, my coffee was hot and black, and bees were humming industriously nearby, working the blackberry blossoms.

Dara, our rescued dog, came by to offer love and to be my “a-boy-and-his” dog, and I had but a moment of perfect staging to grab a shot:

I go back to full-timing soon, so these last few mornings become precious. It’s a great gig, for a great outfit. And there will be new relationships to build; another reason to briefly look back…

Charles and I had an interesting relationship: as Head Design Engineer, his word was pretty much law; and as a Technical Writer, I interpreted what he did so it could be used by Designers and System Integrators. I learned humility pretty quickly, and through him, I learned how to ask the right questions in a way that wouldn’t waste his time. We built a mutual respect for each other, and importantly, for each other’s craft.

I thought of you this morning, Charles.

I can only begin to imagine the conversations which you and He, who invented and created all forces and effects of Physics, may be having.


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