First day in the new job…

Okay, so sometimes things don’t go as we humans have planned. Especially when my new employer is switching several HR systems and practices, all at once.

But I’m used to this; having been a pioneer in several aspects of my old jobs. I’m used to working ‘beyond the known edge’.

(Wow, that sounds ‘Star Trekky’, doesn’t it…) But hey, I’m an old ST geek…

When I worked in Corporate Television, we frequently did ‘Internal Only’ stuff; things that sometimes made us roll our eyes, but we did it, knowing it was something that might have been (at the time), a proof-of-concept, that took us farther as a Corporation, and maybe did some good for everyone as a whole.

Successes and failures, I cannot discuss. Darn.

But I have to tell you, this new job has this same spine-tingling feeling of doing something great that will help other people in a positive way. 

And today there was the unfortunate red-tape matter of Access. To be able to do work (God’s) work in several documentation areas. I need access. But because of the red tape involved, it’s not happened yet. 

Tomorrow is another day. And I just look at this as God’s pause to lay upon me a renewal of the gifts which he has given me, and a renewal of the directions in which he has always pointed me.

May I do well, both for my new Company and for all who would benefit.


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