Stop, Listen, and … Be

Today, and in a greater sense, this weekend, has been more than a whirlwind. 

Saturday was our church cleanup day; and I am so humbled every time by those who come selflessly to help, and by the amazing results of the work of everyone’s hands.

Our 93+ year-old building gets spruced-up, both inside and out. And as the Property guy on Council, I have to say that the old girl looks great. 

One of the things I personally have a burden to do is wax the hand-touch areas in the sanctuary: this is the tops of the pews, the ends, the assist rails that are on the steps to the altar; and the communion rail. And this time, l had a helper from the Scout troop that we support, and things went faster.

It’s just that when these small, seemingly insignificant things are waxed, people are better protected against germ transfer, and besides, it makes things look nice and welcoming.

It is truly a quiet labour of love; I do not seek, nor acknowledge, recognition, for this work. I note it here only to show that it has been done. But it’s done, in spite of the protestations from my knees.

Then today, we did our taxes. This is much later than usual. But they’re done. May I say, Stressful…

Tonight, there’s rain in the area, keeping me in. And the physical and mental stress of this weekend would ask me to focus on just that, rather than on what is in front of me: the cold,wet wind rushing breathlessly through the trees, the bluntness of the wet-cold outside; the freshness of it all. It is here, reminding me that all I have to do is choose to look up and see God’s reminders in nature around me that God IS, GOD IS!!

When things look down, look up.

Do not lose sight of what is all around you.