Don’t see this kind of thing, all that often: A Double Rainbow

This afternoon, we had weather of storm, nice, storm, nice, storm… You get the picture. Weather typical of where I grew up in Western Washington. But today brought a special reward: a clear double rainbow.

This is one of those things where the light has to be just right, and the contrast good enough for a camera to capture it.

It was invisible only moments later when the clouds to the Southwest parted and the Sun bought the primary rainbow into full brilliance.

And then it was all gone.

Transitory moments are part of our existence; they are a great part of what we are. THIS is why I am forever urging you to get outside, go outside, no matter what the weather; and just be a part of what is happening in Nature.

God created it all; he still beckons and says, “Look what I have to show you, my child”.

First Snow on the Ridge

It’s been cloudy and cold on the side of the mountain lately; and thanks to the time change, it’s dark when I get home. The Ridge to our North has been hidden behind cloud and invisible in the darkness, but this morning, it was as if God hooked his thumb under the edge of that blanket of cloud – and lifted it just for a few moments, saying, “Take a look at this, child.”

There was the peak, with a mantle of snow. First time this season. The speed at which the clouds were moving told me that I had mere seconds to grab this shot. I grabbed the closest thing that could make a picture and …

Here we are.

Our local peaks are visible between the two big trees, and to the right of the fuller large tree.

Ain’t you amazing, Lord? What else do you have in store today? May my eyes be open to see.


Our Pastor was talking about a book called, “ReWilding“. Maybe I’ve been practicing this for years, in urging you to go outside and just marvel at what’s around – get wet, get cold, get wet and cold; get hot, but get outside and just get peaceful.

Moving fully into Fall, this is that time of year when it can be exhilarating and soaking, often within a few minutes of each other, when being outside. And there are many marvels, outside.

And the cloud patterns get really interesting. Here are a few from the last few weeks, culminating in a series of snapshots last night at sunset, which show how fast things can change on the side of the mountain.

The Indian sneeze:

Rainstorm Coming:


It’s time to marvel at being able to watch God at work: The River of Clouds is being formed, and it happens in a different way, every time. I just happened to be in the right place, at the right time. These snapshots are no more than five minutes apart. This then becomes one of those “Watch the hand of God at work” moments.

Clouds begin to shear off the tops of the hills, rolling in groups down the far side of the ravine. First a few…

Then more…

Then they’ve piled into the ravine, forming The River of Clouds…

And the sun quietly sets on the River, as clouds sweep across the far side of the Ravine as if gently guided by an outstretched hand.

Lord God, I marvel at your work. Thank you that I get to see and to share these things. May your Name be glorified.  amen.

Worship Through Work

Those of you who know me and what I do, know that this time of year contains many “hair on fire” weeks. These last ten weeks have been a sprint, like Hebrews talks about; and the last four have demanded much. This blog goes rather quiet, as a result.

I thank God that I get to do what I do: Technical Writing, Industrial Photography, Print Layout, and in a thread back to my old career, Video Editing; because even though now the hours are long and demanding, at the same time I’m energized, in a God way, because he made me for this!

It takes everything I have, but it gives back in a satisfying way, because I was made to do this!

Yes I’m exhausted, but strangely energized, because I was made to do this!

I feel God’s hand on mine, as I do these things; they are made simple through his power. Because I was made to do this!

I pray each day for the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the mind to understand, and the hands to do; because I was made for this, and it is only because of God’s power and grace that I get to do it. Every day I try to remember to keep my hand in God’s and to be thankful for the work that gets done.

This is worship, through work. Because I was made to do this.

The Sun rises again, bringing four-footed love with it

Our house had been dark, quiet, and overflowing with  grief after our loss of Wheaton. I realized that it’s been maybe 30 years or more since we haven’t had any dog in the house. Our loss was even more greatly felt, given Wheaton’s always-sunny nature and his boundless, obvious happiness at just being with us.

But God already had plans that we wouldn’t be left alone for long.

A friend of ours just got married and her new husband had a dog who had been left alone all the time while he was off to work. Would we like to meet her?

Hope dawned in our hearts; could this be God acting in our lives, to help with this abject, crushing grief? We looked past the questions in our minds, and tentatively said yes.

A short time later, our front door opened, and in shyly walked Dara: a ‘mutt’,  a mixture of what appears to be Aussie, Spaniel, and maybe a bit of Golden. Her shorter, sturdy legs carried a compact body and soft furry head with big soulful eyes; her Aussie-type tail wagging slowly. She went right to my wife, cuddling up and appreciating any and all attention she got.  You could see her looking into my wife’s eyes, trying to understand what she might be thinking.

Meanwhile, I sat down on the top step of the two-steps-down to our living room, to not seem intimidating. It took her a few moments to realize that I was there, then she came over to the top step, sat down next to me, and as I petted her, she leaned gently up against me, somehow sensing our sadness. Once she had just enough from me, she went right back to my wife’s side for a few minutes, then came right back to me, leaning in again. And she gave me that piercing, direct look, as if understanding that I hurt, and needed a furry friend.

Our hearts melted.

Meet Dara. Our new, forever-friend. In her new forever-home.


An evening with The River of Clouds

I made a time-lapse of the Ravine at sunset last night, below is the result…

I saw the clouds forming and re-forming to form the visual phenomenon we call The River of Clouds, so just for fun, I grabbed the cellphone from my pocket and made photos every few minutes over the time space of an hour to an hour and a half as the sun set.

It’s nifty to see how the clouds down in the ravine rise and fall, advance and retreat; at one point we’re nearly socked-in. This happens due to the air currents at sunset being a little chaotic; they generally settle down just after sunset. And you can see this in the very last frame of the video – although I had to enhance it to get the contrast up a bit. In person, it’s pretty impressive, as the eye has the ability to make good images in most any light.

This is one of the reasons I go outside to read and do devotions every night. You can clearly see this tiny corner of creation shouting, “God is! God IS!!”

Welcome back, River of Clouds

We’ve had a temporary reprieve from the drought; some rains this week and weekend.

And they bring the return of our special phenomenon: The River of Clouds.
(Click on the image to enlarge.)


I’m always uplifted and humbled by this sight; it’s like God is drawing his fingers across the landscape, leaving wispy trails of rolling clouds. I don’t know who wrote it, but it bears repeating:

And all Creation shouts, “God is! God IS!!”